Car Rentals in Cyprus

Car Rentals in Cyprus

Cars of every kind and demand for rent!

For a stroll to the sea or to the mountains, for a night out, for an exciting weekend or holiday break, the safest way to drive is undoubtedly in a car.
What if you do not have a car? Don't worry! We have searched for and found the most trusted, the most affordable car rental offices in all cities, offering you the opportunity to take a ride wherever and whenever you wish, and we are here to introduce them to you.

The following car rental agencies are known to us and we are sure that you will be satisfied with the service and the wonderful cars they have available. If you encounter a problem with one of these companies, please let us know. Send us an email here, we want to know about it.


Leos Car Rentals
The company was established 25 years ago, responding to the clearly growing need for an organisation dedicated entirely to the car rental industry...

Sofronis Rent a Car
Mr. Sofronis guarantees to all his customers the following: Providing all new car models with many extras, Best competitive prices...


Sure Car Hire
The company boasts about the excellent service it offers to its customers, they even offer to all its customers free calls when they need it (call-backs) and extra receipt from...


Cy-Breeze Rentals
Since 1989, fast and professional service from the friendly staff of the company, which is available 24 hours a day, to provide you with a choice of over 25 different car models...

Simila Cyprus Holiday Villas & Car Rentals
Simila Cyprus has now expanded their business to include Simila Car Hire, they have expanded with the purchase of Pafos Rent a Car in Cyprus. Simila Car Rentals have cars available from € 20 - € 65 per day, depending on the model and time of the year.  You can find, at their Pafos offices, whatever type of car would you like. From small hatchbacks to Estate cars and 7 Seaters. 

Ayia Napa

Rainbow Motorbikes Renting
A professional, family-run rental company has been in Ayia Napa since 1983...


Large family-run business, has a perfect location in the heart of Protaras, offering free delivery and pick-up: buggies, cars, scooters, mopeds, carts, bikes...

Salomi Travel & Tours
They offer the full choice for excursions, car rentals, group organised events, or you want to see more from Cyprus or you would like to schedule...

Any wheeled passenger vehicle with a built-in engine is called a car. According to the most common definitions, cars are designed to run on motorways and have seating for one to five people.

Nicolas Jóseph Cougnot, in 1769, in France, created the first steam-powered vehicle, the fardier. In 1770, German-Austrian inventor Siegfried Marcus assembled a motorized wheelchair. Etienne Lenoir made the first car with an internal combustion engine. Cars with internal combustion engines were first produced in Germany by Carl Bieder in 1885-1886 and Gottlieb Dahmler between 1886 and 1889. In 1888, the first car production began in history with the construction of about 25 vehicles until 1893.

In the above stores mentioned, you can find various types of cars for rent according to your needs and according to your liking. Such as:

  • Smart Cars: These are the smallest of the category of mini cars that offer ease of parking. They are ideal for the city and very economical, however, they are unsuitable for long trips.
  • Supermini Cars: Designed to be used within the city and designed to accommodate 4 passengers comfortably.
  • Hatchback Cars: They are not very small card but not too large either, they can use as family cars, for trips inside and outside the city.
  • Saloon Cars: Medium or large cars, suitable for families and for trips inside and outside the city.
  • Cabrio Cars: They have an open roof to enjoy the air and the sun of Cyprus. Suitable for sea trips in and out of town.

Car rental offices in Limassol: 
Leos Car Rentals
Sofronis Rent a Car Ltd

Car Rental Offices in Larnaka: 
Sure Car Hire

Car Rental Offices in Pafos: 
Cy-Breeze Rentals Ltd
Simila Cyprus Holiday Rentals & Car Hire

Car Rental Offices in Ayia Napa: 
Rainbow Motorbikes Renting

Car Rental Offices in Protaras: 
Salomi Travel & Tours

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